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iPhone/iPod Touch/Xbox Live Indie Game Review - Twin Blades

Yeah, here's a different one. A game that is available for both the iPhone AND on Xbox Live Indie Games. The iPhone version costs 99 cents while the Xbox 360 version will run you 240 Microsoft Space Bucks.

Why the higher price? Your guess is as good as mine ... with the exception of the game taking advantuage of the 360's obvious extra horsepower (much higher resolution) and using the controller, I can't determine the difference just by the trial of the game alone. This is a review of the iPhone version of the game.

This is a Contra/Metal Slug style side scrolling zombie killing game. There's so much to like about this game ... for one you are playing as a drop dead sexy nun who weilds various kickass weaponry killing all kinds of zombies ranging from normal looking to just weird looking.

The graphics are the notable standout here and they are absolutely gorgeous. Everything fro the characters to the explosions, backgrounds and blood look absolutely stunning ... with the frame rate never skipping a beat. And who doesn't wanna play as a sexy nun who kills zombies. Seriously. The sound is in the same boat just being a joy to listen to. It's very rare that I actually put headphones on for a game, and this is one of them.

And this little zombie bashing game controls as good as it looks. The virtual analog stick works great, the "buttons" are responsive and do exactly what you want them to when you want it ... although I don't like having to shake the device to get the zombies off of you. Yeah, it makes sense, but it's still kind of stupid.

But ultimately, behind all the good looks, great control and sound ... there is a very large flaw. It's ludicrously repetitive and downright boring after a few minutes. You do the same thing. Over and over. Go from left to right killing zombies, upgrading your abilities and weapons every so often. And while the zombies do get tougher ... it's just not enough.

2 out of 5 - I wanted so much to like this game. But behind the gorgeous presentation is just a very boring, mundane sidescroller. Which is an unfortunate letdown.

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  1. The 360 version has some planned DLC hence the pricetag and it supports awards, not sure if the iPod version has that…(price will be increased to 400 MSP once the dlc is out which will add bosses and some other good stuff supposedly).

    However, I do agree with it being repetitive but at the same time found it to be quite fun as long as you take some breaks and then go back to playing it. Once you enough “cash” to get some decent weapons and jack up your stats, it’s definitely a good way to pass the time if you like sidescrollers and slaughtering the hell out of zombies. I’ve seen several mixed reactions though so to anyone who’s skeptical, the trial is your friend.

  2. @GaMeR Oh most definitely about the breaks. That’s what I try to do with any game anymore. heh

    And I’ve heard the iPad version of the game will have similar bosses to it as well. Either way it goes, bosses would definitely be a welcome site to it. I just hope they make it to the iPod as well. :P

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