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First Impression of the Xbox Live Indie Game Alien Encounters : Attack on Xa-Tam

xboxboxartFor the past hour or so I've been in a multiplayer game, and it's actually a hell of a lot of fun. Especially the overly cheesy death animations (they throw their arms into the air like "OOOOOOH!!!" then slowly fall over). It's decently paced and plays just fine. I can't really talk about the multiplayer level design all that much because I've only been playing on one map out of the 16 or 17 so far. Dammit. Don't do in expecing Halo, Gears of War of Call of Duty out of a $3 game of course. But for what it is, it is a hell of a lot of fun. And this is coming from someone who isn't all that wild and about console first person shooters. The single player leaves much to be desired ... but I'm only on level 3 of the single player so far so I'm not gonna comment too much on that. But yeah, definitely get this. It's not perfect, but considering it's just 240 points, for what it is it's a lot of fun multiplayer. Something I wish it had though was Free for All. Right now it's just teams ... which I'm not used to at all. When I first got into the game I was just shooting everything that moves because that what I'm used to, so there IS friendly fire here. :P But give it a shot, hit me up on Xbox Live if you wanna play a game.

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  1. lol - Friendly Fire is the best

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