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Fly through a colorful, music-driven environment and try to collect the Tune Fragments as a neon colored circle. Your goal is to consume as many color fragments of various sizes as you can before the song ends, once the song ends the level is over. The rate at which they are dispersed is time with the beat of the music theme for each stage. There are 3 power ups you gain by collecting more of a certain color of fragments. If you collect enough of the fragments you then gain a power up: green fragments give you a speed boost, blue fragments give you a gravity pulse which pulls the fragments towards you, yellow fragments give you a shield. The fourth power up is a orange star which is a score multiplier. But beware of the red meteors hit one of those will cause you to lose a star. Also make sure to watch out for black holes which can suck you in. You can play solo or multiplayer with the songs provided with the game or you choose to use a song from your own music library. There are 8 stages, you start out with 2 stages, to unlock more you must obtain a high enough score to earn the diamonds. There are 3 diamonds for each level, which are kind of like bronze, silver and gold tiers of the game. If you score 2500 points you get 1 diamond, if you score 7500 you get 2 diamonds, and if you score 1200 points you get 3 diamonds. You can play any stage with a maximum of 4 players either cooperatively or competitively. The graphics are simple and colorful, which works perfectly with the basis of this game. The price for Tunescape is 80 Microsoft points ($1) which it is well worth.


RIP Peter Steele - 1962 to 2010

Peter Steele 42

Bloody hell, everyone is dying lately. Peter Steele, best known for being the bassist and the singer with the surprising voice for the band Type O Negative died on the 14th of heart failure.

From what little I’ve heard about his life, it was a pretty hard one … and it had to have been since he was only 48 when his heart just gave out.

I don’t like MOST bands with their style of music, but Type O is definitely something that I could constantly listen to and never get tired of, I’ve even got a version of the 1922 silent move Nosferatu with their music blended in perfectly with the movie.

He was a hell of a talent and will definitely be missed by music fans everywhere.



Double Dragon for the the PC

962637094-00 Back in the day, this was my introduction to the Double Dragon series. Not the arcade version (though I knew it was an arcade port), and not the NES version. THIS particular port. And I remember having such HORRID memories of the game. Maybe I just couldn’t stand the constant gangups (if you’ve got enemies on either side of you, prepare for a beating). Maybe I just wasn’t that much into beat ‘em ups at the time. I don’t know. Or maybe it was the keyboard control scheme for it. Unlike the more popular NES version, this one actually supports two player cooperative play, which was a big draw for the day. And that made it slightly more arcade like in it’s experience.


Shenae Grimes in Dirrty Glam

shenae-grimes-dirrty-glam-01 I must admit, to this day I have NEVER seen 90210. I don’t even think I watched it when it was on in the 90’s. Literally all I know about it is the fact that this chick is on the show. That being said, as blisteringly hot as these pictures are … they’re still not enough for me to actually go out of my way and watch the show. Maybe if it was on HBO or Cinemax or something I would, but we all know the reason there.

Oh, and I’ve also never heard of the magazine either. Maybe because it’s 2010 and who the hell reads magazines anymore anyway when there’s this thing called the internet.

And with a name like “Dirrty Glam” don’t you think these pictures would be a LOT more … let’s say “interesting” than they really are? Or is that just me.


Retro gaming related nipple pasties … the perfect gift!

pacman-pasties-2 I can think of at LEAST two people I personally know I could definitely get these things for. Anyway, I would imagine you can get them from here, but the site isn’t in English and I’m too lazy to translate it. And there’s other ones on there like duckies and guns and diamonds and all that mess, but the ones shown are the only ones I actually care about.

And don’t give me any crap about that picture not being safe for work. She’s perfectly covered up. And if you’re a regular to this site, why the hell would you be browsing this at work ANYWAY.

*ahem* Anyway, yeah. This rocks. That’s all I’ve got to say. And if you leave a comment saying “That plug and play game can’t possibly work with that TV!” you’re not paying attention to the important things.

pacman-pasties-3 mushroom-pasties


Can’t afford an iPad? You still want that look of amazement from your friends?


Now you can buy your very own iPad for 15 bucks. It boasts unlimited battery life, unlimited resolution and measures 7.47” x 9.56” … the catch? What catch. There’s no catch!

That’s because this thing does exactly what you expect, it is 25 sheets of paper (recycled paper to be precise because I know there are the environmental nuts out there) … and that’s it.

It’s an iPaperPad, and it’s available on Amazon for $14.97 for a 3 pack, and if you get it you may not get the look of amazement you were looking for from your friends. It may be a look of “What on Earth is THAT thing? 25 sheets? How much did you pay for this?”

My question is, why did they make it paper? Yeah yeah yeah the name makes sense. But spending 15 bucks on those washable marker white boards would make a little more sense. Hell, even a CHALK BOARD would have made more sense. At least the background would have been black.

Of course, they probably would have made it green.

BUT, naturally, this thing is in existence, and it’s kind of a weird little oddity that some of the more rabid Apple fans will probably scoop up. If you’re one of those, you can click the link above to see about buying this thing. Hit the jump for some pictures.


Hardware Review – Senario 101 Games in 1

1012 I don’t do a lot of hardware reviews, mostly because I don’t get that much in the way of hardware. But this one is kind of neat and has a bit of history behind it. This is one of those NES pirate deals where they just stick a whole bunch of early NES games onto a ROM, build a controller around it and sell it. The deal with this one is, it was available at Wallgreens for $9.99. Of course, I didn’t know about it until WELL after the fact, so I didn’t get to snag one when they actually had them in stock, because I get a LOT of these TV plug and play games. I probably own around 20 of them. The idea behind them is really cool, just stick some batteries in, hook it up to your TV’s audio/video ports, turn it on and go. And for most, like the ones based off the Sega Genesis, Intellivision, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 (among others) they’re pretty cool. Even though a lot of them use the NES on a chip like this one does which results in merely PORTS of the games. With the exception being the Sega Genesis based ones and the Atari Flashback 2 (which I unfortunately don’t have). But this isn’t about those. This is about this company that shamelessly removed the copyright information off of a bunch of very early Nintendo 8 bit games and selling it. And throwing in a couple of public domain games just to fill in the hole.


OverKill for DOS

953493647-00 If I remember correctly, this was the game that caused me to go out and get a controller for the computer … and in 1992 there was only one real choice : the Gravis PC Gamepad. I think I still have one of those around somewhere. Though I haven’t any idea if it works. But regardless, this is one of those games that I only had the shareware version of when I was younger. Hell, I was running it on a computer that didn’t even have a sound card. So I never got to listen to the kickass music this game was pumping out till MUCH later. Though, it did use the PC speaker for the shots and sound effects (which actually sound pretty decent) so at least I got part of the experience, even though it was limited to “pew pew pew” and a few garbled sounds that vaguely sound like explosions. I remember screwing on that little joystick attachment to the Gravis Pad  and playing with that after I decided the directional pad wasn’t as good as it could be for a game like this.