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Fly through a colorful, music-driven environment and try to collect the Tune Fragments as a neon colored circle. Your goal is to consume as many color fragments of various sizes as you can before the song ends, once the song ends the level is over. The rate at which they are dispersed is time with the beat of the music theme for each stage. There are 3 power ups you gain by collecting more of a certain color of fragments. If you collect enough of the fragments you then gain a power up: green fragments give you a speed boost, blue fragments give you a gravity pulse which pulls the fragments towards you, yellow fragments give you a shield. The fourth power up is a orange star which is a score multiplier. But beware of the red meteors hit one of those will cause you to lose a star. Also make sure to watch out for black holes which can suck you in. You can play solo or multiplayer with the songs provided with the game or you choose to use a song from your own music library. There are 8 stages, you start out with 2 stages, to unlock more you must obtain a high enough score to earn the diamonds. There are 3 diamonds for each level, which are kind of like bronze, silver and gold tiers of the game. If you score 2500 points you get 1 diamond, if you score 7500 you get 2 diamonds, and if you score 1200 points you get 3 diamonds. You can play any stage with a maximum of 4 players either cooperatively or competitively. The graphics are simple and colorful, which works perfectly with the basis of this game. The price for Tunescape is 80 Microsoft points ($1) which it is well worth.

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