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Burger King 7 Incher Advertisement

Burger King BK Super Seven Incher Ad (It'll Blow Your Mind Away)

I'm not saying ONE word. It's just too fuckin' easy. Click the thumb and find out. Found it on a Twitter feed for someone, but I don't know if they want me giving them credit or not for privacy sake or whatever. :)


Hilariously bad celebrity wax figures.

Alright, I'll give you one as a preview : my favoritist twins on the face of the Earth. What the fuck was the guy or woman thinking when they MADE these things?


Holy shit. It doesn't even look anything like them. Though it'll probably be somewhat accurate in about 50 years or so. And it also makes me wonder if those figures are anatomically correct from the real thing.  Judging from how far off the faces are, they're not. Anyway.

There's more here at "POPHANGOVER". Like attempts at Marilyn Monroe, Lindsay Lohan, Hugh Grant and others. Horrible and sometimes frightening. :P

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