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The Unreal Engine running on an iPhone 3GS

This video is a tech demo of the Unreal Engine 3 running on an iPhone 3GS. And if you don’t know this engine it powers a LOT of games that are nowadays and is kind of the big ticket engine to use. Games like Bioshock, Batman : Arkham Asylum, Shadow Complex, the recently released Alien Breed game on XBLA, Borderlands, the Gears of War games, and not to mention the venerable Unreal Tournament 3 (which, if you haven’t played it by now, there’s seriously something wrong). And that’s only a handful of games that run off of this engine. And now we could possibly see future games on the iPhone running off of this engine.

Unfortunately, it's only for the 3rd generation devices. Something I don't personally have. But depending on the games that get released is dependent on whether or not I upgrade before mine becomes totally useless. :) In any case, this is damned impressive stuff here for the few seconds the video lasts.

And without further ado, here’s the video. And bear in mind, it’s just a tech demo. Not an actual game.

via TouchArcade