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Okay, I am now officially a Hilary Duff fan.

Another scene from the show I still haven’t seen called Gossip Girls. I don’t care who you are, that is amazingly hot. See stills after the jump because the video is so damned short.


Hilary Duff should do scenes like this more often.

It’s from a television show called Gossip Girl. I’ve honestly never even heard of it, but it’s stuff like this that almost makes me want to waste away in front of television shows. I’m not having many issues with what Disney’s been pushing out lately honestly. Except I keep wanting to spell Hilary’s name with two Ls. And that always messes with me. But it’s worth it in the end for stuff like this. Ah to hell with it, here’s her “Reach Out” video. Even though I’m not a big fan of of the use of the Personal Jesus music seeing as how I’ve been a Depeche Mode fan for a big chunk of my life. But if nothing else you can just turn the volume down.

Hit the jump for stills from the Gossip Girls scene.


Classic Mary-Kate Olsen scene from Weeds

I don’t give a shit what you think, there’s just something insanely hot about that character. It ALMOST makes me want to watch the show.



I’ve really gotta start watching True Blood. Anna Paquin rocks.

anna-paquin-2 Here she is as Rogue from the X-Men movies, mostly because after the jump there is nothing that is "safe for work". Like I said, I REALLY have to start watching this show. It's just that I don't get HBO. Although there are "other" means ... anyway. Hit the jump for select shots from scenes of True Blood. And as I said ... they're not safe for work. So use common sense.


I don’t believe this. Power Rangers VS TMNT?

Yes, it exists. I don't fucking believe it.

and part 2

I can't even watch it, it's too painful. But there it is if you want to.