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Dungeon Hu released for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Now … normally I don’t go about talking about a game I know NOTHING about. And this is definitely one of them. There’s absolutely NOTHING in the description for it that would interest me at all … but at the same time there is. Check it out.

Dungeon Hu is an old style arcade game. If you like adventures, wandering in labyrinths and dungeons then this is your game.

The adventure goes through 6 different areas and 120 levels ensuring hours of exciting gameplay. You will have to deactivate traps, collect treasures, evade monsters and enemies, activate portals. Skill itself is not enough, you will have to use your mind and logic to complete the levels.

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It certainly has a really cool look to it, and it looks like it has some content to it even though these 120 levels look like single screen affairs. I personally really like dungeon crawler games, especially Rguelikes …though I’ll readily admit I’m not any good at them. Of course … this looks a little more similar to something like Gauntlet to me, which isn’t a bad thing.

If you want to take the plunge and try it out, you can click right here for the App Store link. It’s a $1.99. I’m just worried that it’ll turn out to be some damned puzzle game and not a dungeon crawler.

And yes, I’m well aware of Rogue Touch and Sword of Fargoal … and if you’re for some reason not aware of them and have even a PASSING interest in Roguelikes and brutally difficult dungeon crawler RPGs then you should go and buy them both. I did, and of all the games that cycle through my iPod Touch … these two games are the ones that definitely ALWAYS stay.