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ASCII Space Invaders


I hold text mode games in a special place, because for years that's the only type of graphics the computers I had access to could display. This changes the Space Invaders gameplay a little bit. In the first couple of levels that I played there were no barriers, so it's more like Galaga in the end, just without the Kamikaze ships raping you. But it adds new weapons to the mix. A nuke that clears the screen of enemies, a bomb that clears out the bottom row, and a missile that will cut through an entire column of them if timed just right. The only real problem is that it's a little difficult to control your ship. There's a slight delay when you press left or right. And the PC speaker sound is as annoying as anything else the PC speaker spits out. But once you get past that it plays pretty well considering what it is. Worth trying out at least once in any case, though it's doubtful it'll hold your interest for THAT long.

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