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Nintendo Wii Review - Pinball Hall of Fame : The Williams Collection

51Ny9-Pz1nLOkay, the first impression of this game is terrible. I'll warn you of that right now. Because when you first start the game you get this HORRIBLE full motion video of walking into an old school arcade and going arouund looking at the different tables and watching a little demo and whatnot of the tables being played. It's blurry, choppy and a mess. Just skip it, I don't even know why they even put this in. I've seen better on the Sega CD. Once you actually get into the game however, it's a completely different story. Forget emulation, forget every other console, this is the best way to play pinball outside of having the actual table. This comes with 10 tables from the 70's on up through the 90's and each and every one of them are perfect down to the last little detail. And the tables you get with this are some pretty famous ones ... Black Knight, Firepower, Funhouse, Gorgar, Pinbot, Space Shuttle, Taxi, Whirlwind, Jive Time and Sorcerer.