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Paris Hilton forgot something.

26709PCN_ParisRed You notice in this picture that her breasts are damned near shoved up against her chin? That’s the work of a very very magical bra folks. She’s always prided herself on the fact that she technically doesn’t even need to wear one, yet there are shots like this. Go figure. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, I don’t know. Personally I’m all for what nature gave you, and she’s no different. That and this was the only picture I could find that was “safe for work” to compare the rest to (which I happen to like better). Anyway, hit the jump, just be mindful of your surroundings even though they aren’t THAT bad. But seriously, who the hell puts on a t-shirt like that without knowing that it’s see through. I could see running around the house like that, but out in public? She can’t possibly be THAT clueless … either that or she just flat out doesn’t care because she’s hot enough to get away with it. There’s a hint for ya. Enjoy.


Paris Hilton in Mexico

SPL164269_010 Yeah, that thumbnail ought to give you the reason why I even bothered posting this in the first place. I personally don't care what you think of her given her reputation online, I only care what I think. And all I've got to say is "Damn". It's honestly been a while since I've seen pictures like this to be honest. Given the time of year, it's understandable. But this chick has enough money to go anywhere she wants. I guess the paparazzi are getting tired of following her around.  Some of the pictures aren't safe for work, I'm sure you can figure it out.

via The Superficial