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An NES emulator for the iPhone/iPod Touch has made it’s way to the AppStore

You can snag it right here for $6.99, it’s called “Nescanline”.

    ”Kick it old school with home-brew games written for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Nescaline allows you to play public domain NES games, five of which are included, or use Nescaline's download feature to add games to your library from any remote URL.”

    - Multitouch support; use the directional pad and A+B or many other combinations together.
    - Works with many zapper-enabled games. Simply touch the screen where you want to shoot.
    - Save-state allows you to save games in progress and later restore them to the state they were in when you left the game.
    - Supports both landscape and portrait mode, in both full screen or original resolution
    - Enter Game Genie codes to enable cheats for your favorite games.
    - Alternate frame skip, palette, and advanced settings.
    Although, this is just a version of the emulator available for jailbroken devices called “NES 3” and from what I’ve heard it doesn’t work very well. And I can’t see those touch screen controls being much use for a game like TMNT 2 or 3 or any games like those. But for an RPG or something it may fit the bill. So it’s up to you as to whether or not this is actually worth the money.

via TouchArcade