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Xbox Live Indie Game Review – MotorHEAT

xboxboxart (1) This game, I did a first impression of it recently … probably 20 minutes or so after I snagged it because I was so excited about it. Obviously that isn’t enough time to do a full out review. But I’ve had a hell of a lot more time with it and I’m comfortable now with it. Though I’m going to reiterate a lot of what I said in that initial impression, because unfortunately there just isn’t whole hell of a lot TO the game. But definitely read on.

This isn’t exactly a racing game, it’s a driving game. And what I mean by driving game, I mean that’s literally all you do is drive. In fact, in some small respects the game plays itself. Though don’t expect to just fire it up, set the controller down and do any good. It, in my opinion, has roots in the original Sega game Outrun from 1988 where you’re just going against the clock and avoiding traffic, Need for Speed : Underground and Burnout : Revenge.

And for it’s limited playability, it’s a HELL of a lot of fun.


Xbox Live Indie Game First Impression - MotorHEAT

Alright, I'll be perfectly honest here. I'm not that big of a fan of racing games on the Xbox Live Indie Games. They are either crap, run off the same engine every single time (nothing wrong with it, just it gives everything the same basic feeling.) and, with a few exceptions they don't have any multiplayer of ANY kind, local or otherwise. And unfortunately, in that regard, this game is no different. I downloaded the trial figuring this : "I know I'm going to hate this. I haven't done an Xbox Indie Game thing on my site in a while, this oughta be fun to just rip apart at the seams." And you can KIND OF consider this a review ... but given the fact I haven't spent much time with it I personally wouldn't consider this a full review given the fact I haven't really delved into it much.

This game is from the same guys who brought us Little Racer and Wool. Neither of which I'm a huge fan of. Wool I don't quite understand, though I really like the graphical style ... and Little Racers ... I have a bit of a bias against overhead racers with cars anyway. Not to say it isn't done fairly well, because it is, it's just not my kind of game.