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XBLIG Trial Impression – Mech Gladiator

xboxboxart Ah, the holidays are FINALLY over. And when I finally started paying attention to Twitter instead of playing Quake (yeah, that’s what I said. The game from 1996. I’m working my way slowly but surely through it on Hard difficulty to get ready for Nightmare) there were some neat looking games out in the indie games section for once. And Mech Gladiator was one of them. The trial honestly isn’t all that great in the fact that it only gives you the first level on Easy … not even 8 minutes worth of gameplay there because you actually have to TRY to die. BUT it is interesting.

The presentation is a mixed bag because even though the graphics are drop dead gorgeous with great character and enemy models (at least from what I’ve seen of the trial and the 4 minute video trailer) the sound is pretty generic, and the music sounds like something out of an old DOS game.