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XBLIG Review – Lodestar 1000

xboxboxart This is one of those games I WOULD look forward to if I did such a thing. But I tend to try not to look forward to games because I’ve been burned so many times in the past (Invincible Tiger, I’m looking at you). So I saw the trailer and liked the music and the overall style. The end result of the release is a little bit of a mixed bag though.

This, for all intents and purposes, is a Simon game. There are some other games like that in the indie games section, but they’re just very basic boring affairs that you tend not to play for more than a few minutes … even for someone like me who likes Simon games for some reason.

This is much different though in the fact that it has an actual presentation and uses more than just the face buttons on a black background. This particular game uses old style pixel art and chiptunes sampled from a real Commodore 64 SID chip. Which almost automatically makes the music excellent. It’s not without it’s glaring problems … well to be fair they’re not so much problems as just missing stuff, but I’ll get to that a little later.


You like 8 bit music don’t ya? Sure you do.

You like the music in that trailer? You want it? Quit your bitching, download it, add it to your MP3 player of choice and blast it out of your car when traffic is at a standstill.

Music from Lodestar 1000 - Automatronic Array - A little over 2MB

Or, since it tells me I have to link to the artists' page, alternatively you can go here.


Lodestar 1000 Trailer

This is utterly ridiculous, but I'm lovin' the overall presentation here. Especially the music, because, well ... chiptunes rock. But I refuse to get my hopes up, because I did that with that with Invincible Tiger. If you like that game for whatever reason, I feel sorry for you. But Lodestar 1000 is definitely looking pretty cool.


A new Xbox Live Indie Game developer called BadRadish is going to be releasing a game called Lodestar 1000

Lodestar_square_400Taking an apparent love for the Commodore 64 (obviously) their working on a game called Lodestar 1000. Here's a little bit from the press release (go there for the full thing)  about it :