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A small trial impression for Kong 360 : Gorilla Warfare

xboxboxart My gaming time has been somewhat limited lately in the sense that I’ve had to do a LOT of running around lately with very little sleep. But I did give this a shot. When I first saw it I figured it was going to be some sort of knock off of the old QBasic Gorillas game that came with DOS back in the day. Thankfully, I was totally wrong after trying it.

This is a weird mix of a top down shooter with Unreal Tournament … with gorillas. It sounds weird, I know. But damned if it ever works for what little I’ve played so far. Great, detailed graphics, you and your opponents don’t die in half a second like one does in a Call of Duty game. The control works beautifully, and isn’t like your typical dual stick shooter that seems to have invaded the marketplace with an annoyance level that can barely be hidden. You use the sticks like you would normally, but now there’s a REASON for pulling that damn trigger because not only does the right stick point you where to shoot, but it also aims. If you want to aim right in front of yourself, you direct the crosshairs there. Further away … blah blah blah you get the idea. You’re intelligent.

You would think it would hamper the game and slow it down, but it doesn’t at all. It works great. I’m going to be giving this more time indefinitely within the next couple of days to do a proper review, but yeah. In the very LEAST try this out, because not only does it boast 4 player local, but there is also system link and online support for up to 8 players. And I’m probably going to be talking about my experiences with it on the Wasted Seconds Podcast sometime as well. It’s about damn time something DIFFERENT showed up in the way of dual stick shooters.

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