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Save Internet Explorer 6? You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

Internet-Explorer-8-0-2There are some morons out there who actually want to SAVE Internet Explorer 6. Really? You've got to be fucking kidding me. Who the hell even willingly USES that piece of shit other than to download a better browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari? I'll give it that. It works fucking GREAT for that. But for anything else?  Not with the modern internet. It's just too out of date with the standards, and webmasters are getting sick of having to rework entire sites just to work on this outdated pile of dogshit. Save IE6. What the fuck? Click here to check out this joke of a site. And yes, do tell your friends to use IE6. When they first get their computers, it'll let them get a GOOD browser. A MODERN browser. Something that doesn't freak out over every little javascript thing that comes up. Something that blocks popups and ads. Something that doesn't take the entire computer with it when a page causes it to crash somehow (there are lots of assholes who run sites specifically for that). Go on. Tell them to use it! And be sure to click the "Sign the Petition" link to see the other morons who who it ... frighteningly enough ... on a regular basis? Don't worry, when you click the link you won't actually sign it.

And I'm well aware that there are people who visit this site who use this browser for some reason. GET A REAL BROWSER. For fuck's sake the thing is 8 years old.

via @VanSoaked