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The Chinese are funny.

specialman I recently got that 101-in-1 Plug and Play Games thing, and I’m going to assume it came from a Chinese manufacturer just from the shamelessness of the thing (it has the NES versions of Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong on it for heaven’s sake) and then I see these. Robert-Cop …. Spader-Man … Specialman, Silverbat, Change Robot and Star Knight.

Why they have Darth Vader riding a police motorcycle is beyond me, and Specialman? Seriously? This is just hilarious.

Now, games are one thing, even though I’ve only played the pirated stuff and not so much the actual knockoffs … unless you count that utterly TERRIBLE “Shredmaster Jr.” plug and play game that is just basically Guitar Hero done in MIDI with a shitty whammy bar.

But I refuse to go the toy route. That’s where I draw the line. Hell, I didn’t even really care that much about toys when I was a kid. I was too busy playing outside. More after the jump. Okay … “Robert-Cop” is tempting. :P Just mainly from the utterly RETARDED name.


5 failed McDonald’s menu items

I was surfing the internet the other day and i found this article "5 Failed McDonald's Menu Items" i was curious so checked it out. The article is by Jane McGrath and can be found at: http://money.howstuffworks.com/5-failed-mcdonalds-menu-items.htm, this is my take on the article, if you wish to read the original article please click on the link i just mentioned.

Have you ever heard of the hula burger? Well you probably have unless you were around when it make its entrance into the world of fast food in the early 1960's. Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald's was trying to solve a sales problem he encountered in regions with large catholic populations. Back in the 1960's many American Catholics still followed the trend of abstaining from meat every friday. Well Kroc's ideal to boost sales was the invention of the Hula Burger. The Hula Burger consisted of a grilled pineapple served on a bun with cheese. Its opponent was the filet-o-fish sandwich; which had was created by a Catholic franchise. The Hula Burger was widely unpopular where as the Filet-O-Fish sandwich was huge success.