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Okay, this is weird. And a little creepy.


Yes, this is a coffin.

Apparently this guy can make a coffin for you that doubles as a bookshelf. I may have him make one for me. Then all they’ve gotta do when I die is eBay all of my games and DVDs to help pay for everything and bury me in it.

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Something about eBay and First Person Shooters.

I had an auction for an old laptop up on eBay a while back, and one of he people who wanted it just asked me if I could sell it to her outright for a certain amount. So I went ahead and set a Buy it Now price and she bought it saying "Auctions are fun, but who wants to wait."

To which I replied "Yeah, I suppose that auctions COULD be fun ... if it wasn't for the damn snipers."

Think about that the next time you're playing Halo and get shot in the face from a thousand yards away from someone who seems to think that's a "strategy".

It is not a strategy to hide in a corner and get your kills that way. I will say it's a tactic though. It's great if you're someone who just isn't all that great at the game. Gotta get your kills somehow I suppose.

And I'm only using Halo as a general term for first person shooters. Same goes for the overhyped Call of Duty series, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament (which I personally think is an immensely better multiplayer experience than CoD or Halo) ... and my all time favorite : Quake 3 Arena. Which, if you're among the younger crowd, you can play it for free within your browser at Quake Live.

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