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I was on a podcast, still haven’t gotten mine out there though.

Yeah yeah, I know I haven’t done a Wasted Seconds podcast in a while. It’s not dead, I just don’t like the idea of doing a podcast by myself and it’s hard to find people to do the show WITH where time schedules don’t conflict. I was about to record the new episode yesterday, but my daughter showed up, and she’s a higher priority than the internets.

BUT Monday morning I joined Critical Failure on his podcast over at Tiger Claw Radio “Episode 49 – Dhalamar”

Naturally because I was on it there’s an explicit tag … even though I don’t think the word “shit” is a naughty word. :) But yeah, go and check that out. And I’ll get the new episode of the Wasted Seconds podcast out there one of these days. If you wanna listen to the previous episodes, head on over to the site that specifically dedicated to the show. Which I may eventually move here once I get the time. You can also subscribe to both mine and Critical Failure’s on iTunes and whatnot.