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LED games on your iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’re around my age or older, you definitely remember these little things. There’s just something so damn addictive in their complete simplicity. Of course, to snag one off of eBay now would cost a friggin’ fortune for something that just has some lights and beeps at you. And, yes while those would be a lot better to have, there are people like me who want them, but don’t want to shell out of the money some of the nutballs want for them on there.

That’s where the iPhone and iPod Touch comes in. Someone has gone through the trouble of making as exact remakes of these games as possible on the platform, and they work great. Everything is handled from the clicks and beeps for sound, to the glowing LED lights. Hell, even that mechanical click of the buttons.

I used to have some of these when I was a kid, and while I have never really given two shits about football, I still played the hell out of the LED game for some reason. It’s just that approachable and that addictive.

This guy has released LED Football, LED Football 2, LED Basketball and, most recently, LED Basketball ‘78, which plays a lot more like an actual basketball game compared to the former where you just shoot your shots and try not to get them blocked. And they’re for my favorite handheld platform. Yes, even above the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Anyway, they’re $0.99 apiece, though I got the original LED Football free when the big football game was going on, so it’s up to you as to whether or not you wanna wait it out or not.

Below are some screenshots. They’re definitely worth nabbing if you have even a passing interest in the games of yesteryear and wondered what the hell people were playing before the Game Boy came along.

And if you want to give them a try for free, you can head over to Peter Hirschberg’s site where he has remade them for Windows (well, not ALL of them, but still). While they’re not in your pocket and they aren’t quite as slick as what’s on the iPhone and iPod Touch, they’re still friggin’ great remakes. And there's more OF them. There's Armor Battle, Autorace, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Football II, Hockey, Canadian Hockey, Ski Slalom, Soccer and Space Alert.

Don't let the simplicity of this stuff get to ya, or the fact that most of them are sports games. You're lookin' at a guy who can't watch a football game for more than about 10 seconds before he gets bored. And even I play this stuff.