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The Wasted Seconds Podcast Episode 0 - “Negative Infinity”

Yep. There you have it.

Yeah, it was bound to happen. Of course, with me running the show ... anyone who's talked to me in person knows how random I am and that definitely shows here. There really isn't a direct focus or topic other than "When and why did you start gaming." and "What we're playing right now.". Hence the fact that it's episode 0. And the first half of the show, you can hear the fan going in the background which nobody told me about until we were in too deep and had already been recording for a while. So I do apologize for that, but in the end. I live in Southern Illinois in the states. And it's HOT. So bite me. Got it mostly fixed in the second half though by moving it clear across the room.

Head on over to The Wasted Seconds Podcast site where I have decided to permanently put the show to give it a listen. The streaming ability for the show may go up and down from time to time depending on when you read this because I'm tinkering with it trying to find a good solution for it, but it IS there. :)

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  1. Not too bad for a first go - some podcasts become unintelligible, while you guys came in pretty clear.

    I also started gaming a bit later than my buddies, but got really deep into once I started. In your case, maintaining a website with regular posts on the subject earns more cred than having picked up a controller twenty-five years ago.

  2. @ColdEquation Yeah … the thing that annoys me is the fan sound. But it’s a little unavoidable because it’s is FUCKING hot. lol

  3. I just noticed, I say ‘You Know?’ ALL the time. Heh, I am going to have to work on that = P

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