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Xbox Live Indie Game Trial Impresion for : HomeSlice & the Zombie Bunnies

xboxboxart First off … what the hell? Seriously. Zombie bunnies? The premise ALONE is right up my alley. This is just absurd. I LOVE the sense of humor behind this game, but alas this is going to be a relatively short one from me. This is a dual stick shooter but with added melee attacks that are assigned to either the face buttons (which, in all honesty, who the hell would use those in a game like this) or the triggers. Everything is from an isometric perspective though, giving it a somewhat unique look as there aren’t a whole lot of other games on the service that use that. The only other one that I can think of off the top of my head is the awesome Cyborg Mice Arena. But the game reminds me a LOT of the iPhone game MiniGore … which isn’t a bad thing at all. It has a great graphical presentation to it. The music is catchy, and the sound effects are pretty good … even though all you really hear is what sounds like someone smacking piano keys every time you kill an enemy.

But it does have it’s failings. There isn’t a story of ANY KIND. Not even anything ridiculous as the title would suggest. You just go in and kill zombie bunnies. That’s literally it. There’s only one area you fight in … and it’s not even all that big. And with the retarded one hit kills, you don’t really have room enough to move around like you do in MiniGore … so I died. A lot. Now, in all honesty I’m not that great at dual stick shooters … but I can make my way through a big chunk of Zombie Apocalypse without having to wrestle the zombies off of me. And when you DO die … you don’t get any kind of animation of the bunnies just swarming you and eating you alive … you just die and start over again. That’s it. The complete lack of sound effects kind of hurts it in the sense you don’t hear much of anything besides the piano smacking I mentioned before and the music. I would like to know what a zombie bunny sounds like damn it!

I can’t say whether or not this game is worth buying (even though it’s only 80 points) … it doesn’t seem finished. It seems like it COULD evolve into a really fun game. But as it stands right now, it feels more like the starting off point to an ACTUAL game. I absolutely ADORE the cheesiness behind this game, but they just didn’t go far enough with it. But you should definitely at least give the game a try purely for the novelty. And there may very well be more to the full game, I don’t know seeing as how I’ve only played the trial. If you do buy this and like it (or dislike it) by all means leave a comment.

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