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Bargain Bin games you should get : Phantasmagoria

I had always heard about this game ... even today. Recently it tried to get inducted into Retro Gaming Roundup's top 10 horror games ... but the other hosts (having never played it before) didn't really see it and it, unfortunately, didn't get in. The game came out for DOS IN 1995 on seven cds. Later ported to Windows and the Macintosh ... and a console but only in Japan I think. And it's a horror game, obviously.

Back when this came out, I didn't have a PC that was anywhere near good enough to run the game, and with all the negative press it was getting at the time regarding it's rather graphic content I don't know how well that would have went over at home ... despite the fact I was playing games like Mortal Kombat at the time. Go figure.

The entire game uses real actors standing in front of a bluescreen where the designers could then put in whatever type of backgrounds they wanted. And no, this isn't a full motion video game, this is quite a bit more like an interactive movie than that. It's a point and click adventure game that plays very similarly to games like Space Quest, King's Quest, Police Quest ... you get the idea if you've played these before. If you haven't then what the hell is wrong with you.

I'd highly suggest trying this one out, it's got the gory deaths, a rape scene (that would actually seem a bit tame by today's standards actually) though I will say it starts off rather slowly to show a feeling of just normalness. By day 2 shit really starts to hit the fan and get interesting.

It's definitely not the prettiest game out there by today's standards. But it's still definitely worth check out and can be had over at Good Old Games for $9.99.

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  1. I was surprised that it was 1.8GB…seemed like a much smaller sized game. Regardless, sounds like a good horror game, been a while since I’ve played a P&C game though, I think Sam & Max for the Xbox was the last one…

    Also, based on Heavy Rain’s positive reception so far, would be interesting if they made a sequel or a new horror title following the new style as point and click wouldn’t work too well on the 360/PS3 unless it headed to the Wii instead.

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