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EGATrek - The Mongol Invasion

A fun little blast from the past. Me and my dad used to play this all the time (my dad mostly. I've always sucked at these kinds of games). And he played an earlier game that this was inspired from in college on the OLD school computers that used paper tape. :P Pretty much defend the galaxy from the Mongols. Based off of Star Trek, the guy had to rename everything to avoid legal troubles.


More info and an in game screenshot after the jump.

EGATrek v3.1: EGA/VGA space/strategy game.
You are in command of a powerful starship
in a battle to save the galaxy. Use your
weapons, scanners, comm, etc. to control
your ship. Colorful hi-res graphics in this
updated version of the classic space game.
By Nels Anderson (ASP).

From the FILE_ID.DIZ file :

EGATrek v3.1: EGA/VGA space/strategy game. You are in command of a powerful starship in a battle to save the galaxy. Use your weapons, scanners, comm, etc. to control your ship. Colorful hi-res graphics in this updated version of the classic space game. By Nels Anderson (ASP).

By "high-res graphics" he means the high resolution of games at the time which was pretty much 640x350 16 color EGA graphics. Which this game pull off fairly well. Really easy to make everything out read.

And here's a little bit from the readme file for it. Including a few reviews from publications of time.

Space strategy battle game, using hi-res graphics. Based on the classic star trek type games, including maps, graphics, communications and even a view outside the ship. Winner of Public Brand Software's 1988 software contest.

"...simply an amazing program, full of surprises and strategic challenges."  -- ProGamer Magazine, Series 2, Volume 8

"EGATrek is such a well-designed game, if you don't have EGA hardware, it's a good reason to upgrade." -- Shareware Magazine, July-August 1990


As always you'll probably need DOSBox to really play this. I would imagine it'll run under Windows, but DOSBox is a safer bet.

Download 131k

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  1. This is an amazing game! I had it as a child but had no idea how to play it. Only recently I came upon it again, and mastered it.

    It is indeed a strategy game, but you can choose a leisurely level 1 Lt. Commander difficulty or a level 5 Admiral difficulty, which will keep you to the edge of the chair.

    Well… perhaps not as much as modern games, but I still consider it very entertaining today.

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