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Xbox Live Indie Game Trial Impressions - Destruction Tank

Yeah, stupid name.

Yeah, stupid name.

Despite the fact that this is quite possibly the most retarded name for a game I've ever seen, it's halfway decent. There is no story, you just go in and blow shit up.Graphically, there's nothing really mindblowing here. The stages look pretty good, albeit boxy. The tanks are equally as boxy, and kinda Wipeout-ish. From what I played of the trial game though, I only played against one CPU controlled tank, and the A.I. kinda brain dead. When you come into view they simply start firing with everything they've got until their vulcan gun overheats. And the stages that I played were really small, even just for two players. I couldn't imagine 4 people in the stages that I played.

The control is damned good and pretty smooth. It controls like any other first person or third person shooter, you use the analog sticks to move and the triggers to fire. There may be more to it, but if there is I didn't use it. You hold down the left trigger, it fires you vulcan cannon, and you can't just circle strafe an opponent until they're dead because it eventually overheats and has to cool down. You hit the right trigger to fire off a missile. The gameplay is pretty damn fast at that. Thankfully. I'm so sick and tired of slow paced shooters. The tanks do see a little "floaty" though. And I'm guessing that English isn't the author's native language, but it gets the job done. One thing I would've liked to have seen is an explosion when your tank gets destroyed. All it says is "You love" and then the tank disappears. There 5 tanks to choose from, 2 in the trial. And there are 6 stages. Not much to choose from. Especially if they're all as small as the ones that are accessible through the trial. And it supports up to 4 players multiplayer (local only). But if you play by yourself, you have the braindead CPU opponents to fight.


The sound ... well, from what I can tell there isn't any music. Just the sounds of the tanks slamming into things, the vulcan cannon and explosions. Pretty slim pickings.

Overall, if you've got 240 points to blow, and 3 other buddies and bored off your ass, try it. That's really the only thing keeping me from buying it is the fact that I really don't know that many people in person that are gamers. :)

Or you can just play the trial over and over. It gives ya 10 minutes. You're probably better off, because that's when I got tired of the CPU opponents. Maybe with actual humans it'll last  longer.

Check out what other people think of it at XBLARatings.

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