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Video for Depeche Modeā€™s “In Your Room” live

Yeah yeah ... this is an easy post. But I love this song. The first time I heard Depeche Mode was when I was 16 ... the beautiful friend of mine at the time that nothing could've happened because she was 23 and had a boyfriend at the time Susan played a cassetteĀ tape of their Live 101 album, and as soon as I heard the song Stripped I loved them. But here's a live video of one of my favorite songs by this group. The music, the lyrics, everything. Simply perfect. And they put on one hell of a live show. Maybe I should make a videos section for this site with the music that I love so much. Who knows, judging from what you see of my pictures section, it'll be overkill because music for me goes above insanely hot famous women that don't even know I exist. :)

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